Why are golf shirts polyester?

Why are most golf shirts polyester? It's a good question.

Before Go Low was born we asked ourselves the same thing.

The answer is – we don’t know. Why are golf shirts polyester!? We have no idea. In our opinion polyester doesn’t feel great, it doesn’t look good and quite honestly, after a few wears, it certainly doesn’t smell good! So, we don’t use it – at all – which is part of the reason we make some of the best golf shirts in the business.

One of the first choices we made as a company is that we would source fabric that felt good, looked good and met environmental standards. We didn’t want our shirts to take on that distinctive ‘kit bag’ smell that polyester shirts so readily hold on to.

So we looked at different types of fabric, lot’s of them. Eventually we after sifting and sorting through an unfathomable amount of samples, we decided and we couldn’t be happier. It looks amazing, comes in almost unlimited palette of colours and it feels, epic!

So, if not polyester, then what?

Simple. Cotton… Organic cotton. Well, it’s 95% Organic Cotton plus 5% elastane which just takes it to the next level in terms of comfort and fit. It also meets the Oeko-Tex 100 standard so it offers peace of mind when it comes to the questionable environmental standards of fashion and fabric production that are so regularly in the media.

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a globally standardized, independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate & end products of all processing stages and accessory materials used.


All the fabric elements of our bespoke golf shirts are made from the same weight cotton so not one element is going to irritate or stand out. They’re all soft, stretchy and awesome. In summary…

We make beautiful organic cotton golf shirts. Go check them out in our shop