The Making of Go Low

The founders of Go Low are experienced professionals in the fields of design and tailoring ... and mad about golf.

It was a natural progression born of years of buying shirts that didn’t quite meet our expectation either in material or design. Frustration built with, particularly menswear, only ever being offered blue, grey, black or white as options. They wanted something different and they wanted it made to fit them.

They selected materials that were comfortable, functional and offered the ability to make shirts exactly how they wanted.

So, Go Low was born…

Key elements of the brand were discussed, dissected and purified.

  • Patterns. Essential! There’s more than plain colours available.
  • Custom. Customers can have their shirts exactly how they want.
  • Size options. 6ft 5in? 5ft 2in? The shirts will fit whatever.
  • Natural fabrics. No stinky Nylon or polyester!
  • Whatever happens, it’s gonna be cool

Unique elements have been designed and incorporated into the shirts since then. For example, the one-piece placket. A single piece of cloth makes the entire placket and collar of the traditional collared shirts. Creating a beautifully smooth and seamless shape. No fuss, no bother.

Branding is sleek and minimal. The shirts speak for themselves. Using the online shirt customiser the customer can even choose what colour and position they place it.