Womens Traditional Shirt

Our custom womens golf shirts are made of organic cotton and a hint of elastane. Light & stretchy, they're so comfy. You won't wear polyester again.


When we say custom womens golf shirts. We mean it. We construct your shirt, to your exact specification so that you get a shirt that is made to fit you.

Our Traditional collar is beautiful. It mixes modern with classic meaning it will fit right in no matter which club you’re playing at.

Made of natural fabrics our premium golf shirts allow your body to breathe when it’s warm and stay cosy when it’s cooler. Plus, when it’s finally worn out, it can biodegrade gracefully (if you don’t repair, or upcycle it).

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Our custom womens golf shirts are made of organic cotton and a hint of elastane. Light & stretchy, they’re so comfy. You won’t wear polyester again.


Our premium golf shirts are subjected to rigorous quality benchmarks. If you want a custom shirt for golf (or other sports) you won’t find better.


Can golf shirts be tailored to you? Absolutely they can! All of our custom golf shirts are made to your spec. You choose, we’ll make it.

made properly.no compromises.

Each garment is expertly made, to order, by expert technicians using high quality, organic materials. End of story.


We ONLY make organic cotton golf shirts. No polyester or nylon. Made for comfort and durability. More on Materials


Hand tailored in the UK to fit you, by experienced, meticulous and dedicated tailors. More on Making

UK Made

Every shirt, hat, hoodie, snood, towel and bag are designed and made in the UK.


With so many options available it’s hard to decide. Check out the array of shirts designed by previous customers for some inspiration.


We love to hear what our customers think! 

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Buy better.Last longer.

Fashion has a poor reputation for sustainability. So, as well as organic materials we offer repair and upcycle options.


GOTS certified organic cotton is used exclusively in every custom shirt we make. It’s a simple recipe.


Worn it to death? snagged it on a branch? No problem, we do repairs. Life in the old dog yet!


It’s finally so tired you don’t wear it? Send it to us and we’ll turn it into something else.

Shirt guide

Need some help working out which part is which? This simple shirt guide should help you out. If you need more visit our Parts of a shirt  section.

The main part of the shirt.


The bit your arms go in :)

Sleeve Band

Contrasting end of the sleeve. (Optional) 


The outside of the neck opening


Inside back panel for reinforcement of the shirt.


The opening at the neck that supports the fasteners.


Buttons or snaps that open/close the placket.

Chest Branding

Our branding on the chest.

Sleeve Branding

Our branding on the sleeve.


We work to a unisex sizing system based on chest size. The only size difference between our Mens & Womens is body length.