Gift Voucher


Stuck for Xmas gifts this year? Why not let your loved one build their own golf shirt or accessory?

Buy a gift voucher – from £25 to £200 – and they can spend it however they like. So easy.

How it works: Once the voucher is sent to your nearest and dearest, they can use it against any purchase in our shop. If their basket doesn’t reach the total of their voucher, the credit stays there for another time. If they add more to their basket than they have on their voucher, they pay the difference.

To: Want to buy more than one gift voucher of the same value? Enter multiple email recipients and the same voucher will be sent to each of them.

Delivery Date: If you would like the voucher sent on a particular date (ie Xmas or Birthday)? Just enter a date and it’ll be sent to the recipient on that day.

Note: Our gift vouchers have a 12 month expiry date – so don’t let them forget!


An illustration of Go Low golf gift vouchers