Golf Shirt Designers Updated

It was a long time coming but it was well worth it. Its never been easier to design a golf shirt.

It’s been weeks (or is it months!?) in the making but they are finally here. Our new custom golf shirt designers are live! With photo-realistic representations of the shirt instead of the illustrated versions we had previously it’s now so easy, and so fun, to design a shirt.

At the same time we have introduced our new biodegradable buttons. As soon as we saw them we knew they were perfect for our premium golf shirts. Made in the UK by Courtney & Co from sustainable and biodegradable materials and made to traditional British button designs.

Although it has taken a while, we had a lot of fun building it and we’re blown away by the finished result. We hope you love it too. Let us know what you think

Here’s how it works, in 30 seconds…

Why not go have a look at one of them right now. Pick your shirt …