Repair Service Now Available

Value isn't just in the price. Buy them well made and making them last longer is key. So, if it IS broke... DO fix it.

When it comes to buying clothing there is no escaping it. Price is a key factor. However, value is arguably more important. When evaluating the value of a garment, their longevity is vital. If they last longer, their value naturally increases. Their environmental impact also drops significantly. Win win.

There are two main factors therefore that control a garments longevity – Workmanship. Materials.

Materials. We nailed it, we only use GOTS certified organic cotton for our garments.

Workmanship, well, we stand by the fact that our golf gear is made better than any other out there. Every product is designed and constructed in the UK by well paid and well treated staff. In return, they care about the garments they make.

So, how to improve. Well, we’re now proud to announce the start of our golf shirt repair service. We offer repairs on all of our golf clothing and accessories.

In a nutshell...

Starting from today anyone who has one of our products that is damaged can send it back to us and give it a new lease of life! 

How does it work?

It’s a simple process no matter which of our products you own. If it get’s damaged, send it back to us and it’ll be given a all the love it needs by the same group of amazing tailors that made it. 

If it’s a manufacturing fault then, of course, this service is 100% free (including postage). If it’s damaged, there is a small charge for our service but it’s nowhere near the cost of a new one. 

Please check the full details of our repair service here and if you need it just get in touch.

P.S. If somehow your product is so damaged that there is no way it can be repaired, you might want to check out our up-cycling option – for example, make your golf shirt into a golf towel!