Shirt Anatomy

Interested to see how our shirts are made? Watch the entire process below.

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Our custom golf shirts have a lot of components and parts. So, what parts of a shirt are which? and how are shirts made at Go Low? To help you better understand your options we have compiled a comprehensive run down of all of them with images and diagrams to assist you in choosing what is best for you. Use the table of contents to jump to the section that you want to know more about.

Image of body

The main section of your shirt design. Choose your colour or pattern and you’re on your way to making your perfect shirt.

On our Low Profile collared shirts your choice of Body colour/pattern will also decide the outside Placket colour/pattern.

Options: Colour/Pattern


You can choose from two types of collar for your shirt. Low Profile (LP) or Traditional (T). They’re both awesome. A key part of our custom golf shirts.

Low Profile collar is our default – relaxed style and perfect for on and off the course.

Traditional collar – still modern and incorporates our beautiful one-piece-placket.

Low Profile Collar
Image of collar

Casual and smart. If you want to just pull it on and get out there, this is for you.

No bulk or fuss. Just beautiful lines and effortless comfort. As perfect for popping down the pub as it is for the club championship.

Options: Colour/Pattern

Traditional Collar
Image of collar tr 1

Classic and modern. Our Traditional Collar style is quietly reserved yet innovative. It is crafted a simple and elegant shape, constructed from a single piece of fabric. 

As with all Go Low products you are able to customise colour, pattern and fastenings as much as you like.

Options: Colour/Pattern


What is a placket? The placket is the opening in the neck of the garment to allow the putting on, or taking off, of the garment. 

Plackets have an inside and and outside. There are slight differences to how these work on our Low Profile Collar and Traditional collars.

Low Profile Placket
Image of placket lp

The inside of the placket on our Low Profile collared shirts is a single strip that sit’s behind the outside placket. You can choose this to be constructed of a different colour/pattern to the rest of the shirt body. The outside of the placket is decided by your choice of Body colour.

Options: Colour/Pattern

Low Profile Placket
Image of placket tr

On our Traditional collared shirts we implement our awesome one-piece-placket. As the name suggests this is made from a single piece of fabric (no seams = beautiful). Therefore, your choice of colour/pattern decides both the inside and outside of the placket. 

Options: Colour/Pattern

Image of neck

The neck (technically, the ‘facing’) is the re-enforcing panel inside the neck that holds the branding and care instructions. It prevents a common weak point of shirts when removing them by pulling the upper neck. You choose the colour/pattern – branding colour is chosen by us for clarity.

Options: Colour/Pattern


This is an easy one, it’s the bit your arms go in. Having said that, there are options. The first is simple, choose the colour, pattern you would like for your sleeves.

Second, you can choose to have the optional Sleeve Bands. Again, the choice of colour/pattern is all yours.

Image of no image

This is our default sleeve. The full length of the sleeve is in the colour/pattern chosen from the Sleeves section and is finished with a minimal double row of top stitching. Simple but beautiful.

Options: Colour/Pattern

Sleeve Bands
Image of sleeve

Optionally, you can choose to have sleeve bands added to your shirt in a contrasting colour/pattern. Looks amazing and can really make your shirt unique!

Options: Colour/Pattern

There is a small fee for our Sleeve Bands. Please consult the price list or, when in the customiser, hover over the Sleeve Band options to see the price.


By default all Go Low shirts come with 2 fasteners but you can choose to have 3 if you prefer.

Note: There will be a small fee for our Buttons. Please consult the price list or, when in the customiser, hover over the Button options to see the price.

Image of snaps

Easy peasy to do up and undo. Our Snaps come in black, white and grey and are our default option on both Low Profile and Traditional collared shirts.

Options: Colour | x2 | x3


Image of buttons

These, are beautiful. Made in England out of a biodegradable by-product of the dairy industry. A choice of natural colours are available. If you want smart and formal, these are for you.


Options: Colour | x2 | x3


Our logos and care instructions and yes, you can even choose what colour and where our branding is. 

Image of branding chest

The main branding on our shirts is on the chest area just to the left or right of the placket. You can choose the colour to make it stand our or blend in. Whichever you’d prefer.

Options: Light | Dark | Left | Right


Image of branding sleeve

A discrete branding is placed on the sleeve area just above the stitch line or Sleeve Band (optional). You can choose the colour to make it stand our or blend in. Whichever you’d prefer.

Options: Light | Dark | Left | Right

Image of branding back

Every shirt has our logo on the back of the neck. Once again you can choose the colour.

Options: Light | Dark


Image of neck

The colour of the branding in your Neck is not customisable. We choose it for legibility based on your choice of Neck colour/pattern.

Note: The colour of the Neck branding (care instructions) is decided by Go Low and is dependant on your choice of colour/pattern.

Dropped Hem

A simple Yes or No here. Do you tuck your shirtn? choose Yes. Are you a ‘let it all hang out’ kind of player? choose No. With Go Low you get the choice. 

Image of hem standard

If you don’t tuck in your shirt, this is likely the style for you. Simple and smart. And also makes it perfect for every day wear on and off the course.

Options: Yes | No

Image of hem dropped

If you like to (or club rules state that you have to) tuck your shirt in, this style is perfect. An extra inch of fabric on the back panel of the shirt helps stop it from untucking when you pick the ball out of the hole. Nice putt btw 😉

Options: Yes | No

Note: There is a small fee for our Dropped Hem. Please consult the price list or, when in the customiser, hover over the Dropped Hem option to see the price.


See it in action

From start to finish. See one of our shirts go through every stage of production. From design to packaging.