How Shirts Are Made

Interested to see how shirts are made at Go Low? Watch the entire process below.

Step 1


The initial step in the manufacturing process for one of our beautiful custom golf shirts. Taking a soft, stretchy piece of organic cotton and cutting it into a complex set of pieces.

Each of the pieces are carefully designed by us to produce our shirts simple lines and shapes.

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Step 2


Taking the pieces cut in Step One our branding is applied as specified by the customer.

Right, left, dark, light … our branding is applied to sleeve, chest, back and neck. 

Our branding has 4-way stretch capability. When you swing a club, your shirt stretches. With our shirts, so does our branding. The result … no cracking or peeling. 

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Step 3


and finally … all of the parts are put together by one of our amazing tailors. 

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