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how to make a bulk order.

Buying multiple custom garments can get complicated. So, we try and keep it simple. Just order a single item and we’ll talk you through it from there.


Step 1

Design your golf shirt using our online designer. This is exactly the same process as if you were just ordering one. You can create (or recreate) your teams kit from a huge number of colour and style options.

Image of screenshot of bulk order step1


Step 2

So, you have your design, great! Now just mark it as a bulk order (see screenshot) and let us know approximately how many you want. That’s it!

Image of screenshot of bulk order step3
Image of screenshot of bulk order step2


Step 3

OK. Almost there. Now just purchaseĀ one item (ie. don’t pay for the entire bulk order). This single purchase acts as a deposit and from there we finalise all your requirements. Remaining payment can be online or via bank transfer.

Be a legend

Step 4

Once we have finalised your order and taken payment we make your kit. All that is left is for you and your team mates to go and be bleddy legends in your organic, hand tailored, custom golf team kit!


Want help?

If you have questions before you order just pop over to our contact page and drop us a line by whichever means you like šŸ™‚

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