It’s done for. Your Go Low garment has seen it’s last outing… or has it?

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It is well documented that there is excessive wastage and inefficiency in the sports fashion industry. As part of our mission to fight back against this ‘fast fashion’ we are looking reduce our contribution to the problem.

We make already make our shirts and accessories to last and build them from sustainable and natural materials. Additionally, we offer an upcycling service for our shirts as standard. By recycling clothing, any materials used can extend their useful life to the maximum possible by serving a new purpose.

Our Promise

Any shirt bought from us is eligible to be upcycled into any of our accessories*. Where possible we will save and reuse the branded element of your shirt so that your new accessory can be branded without further outlay of time or materials. There is a small cost for this service that is decided on a case by case basis.

* Depending on the reason for your shirts demise some accessories may not be feasible

How it works

If you have a shirt that you have given hope of being able to wear again and would like to turn into a new item please do the following.

  1. Take a couple of photos of the shirt and the faults/wear that have finished it off
  2. Message us the following information via Chat (WhatsApp) or Email…
  • Your name
  • Your order number (Find in Your Account)
  • Images of the shirt showing the damage or wear
  • The accessory you would like to transform your old shirt into (see Accessories)