Repair Service

The worst has happened and your Go Low kit has been damaged. Don’t despair!

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Our golf shirts and accessories are not a throwaway fast fashion item. They are designed and constructed to last for a long time. However, sometimes things just don’t go right and they need repair. Well, you bought from the right place.

Our Promise

We are so confident with our manufacturing process that we offer repair to any of our shirts or accessories regardless of the age of the garment. However, depending on the period of time you have owned the item, the charges do vary. You can find out below the details of the costs and services available to you below.  

Manufacturing Fault

Manufacturing Faults include; loose hems and seams, fraying sleeves or sleeve bands, tears at construction joints, branding cracking or peeling, fasteners becoming loose or detached (see below for more detail on fasteners) and more.

Professional Repair

This service provides re-fitting of snaps or buttons by a professional tailor. If you would prefer we can provide (or sell) you the fasteners you require and you can sew/attach them yourself.

Supply Only

Please note: Snaps require a specialist tool to apply so we don’t send them on a supply only basis. If your garment is older than 1yr and you don’t wish to use our paid service our recommendation is to find a local clothing repair shop. If you are unsure, somewhere like The Zip Yard would be a good starting point.

Accidental Damage

When it comes to accidental damage it get’s complicated. Some parts of the shirt are easily repaired or replaced. Others are not. A few common problems are listed below with prices. If yours isn’t listed, please get in touch.


Depending on the type of damage that has occurred it is likely possible that a repair can be made. Replacement is also possible in some cases. 

Contrasting colour block repairs – If the damage has occurred on either the front or back of the body, below the level of the armpit, we can also offer to repair it using a ‘contrast colour block’. It is not possible to add a new panel in a patterned fabric – please choose a contrasting colour or pattern. See diagrams for more information.

Step 1 of contrast colour block repair image

1. Damage is below the armpit or placket line so can use the ‘contrast colour block repair service.

Step 2 of contrast colour block repair image

2. Once we have recieved the garment the side seams are cut and the panel is shortened to remove the damage.

Step 3 of contrast colour block repair image

3. Once the damage is gone, a new panel, in a contrasting colour. or pattern is sewn into replace it. 

Collar & Placket

Due to the construction of our shirts, it can be extremely difficult to repair or replace these elements. However, it is sometimes possible so please message us and we’ll do our best to sort out the issue.


Sleeves are one of the easier parts to repair or replace.

However, if the shirt has been worn and washed a number of times attaching a new sleeve could yield undesirable results due to fading and wear.

Therefore when a shirt with a damaged sleeve is sent to us we will replace both sleeves (the cost below if for both sleeves). If they originally matched the body we recommend you choose an alternative pattern or colour for the same reason.

When ordering new sleeves you can choose to have them replaced with any fabric that we currently stock  and also your choice of branding. See the price list below for more information.


If the branding on your garment has been damaged in some way – e.g. by ironing it – then it is possible we can re-brand it. It often results in the entire panel of the shirt (e.g. Body) needing replacement. The damage will be evaluated on a case by case basis so drop us a line and we’ll do our best. 


See it in action

From start to finish. See one of our shirts go through every stage of production. From design to packaging.