Avoid mass produced


Mens, premium, organic cotton golf shirts and accessories. Featuring exclusive print fabrics and made in the UK. You design them. We make them.

Low Profile is a modern, relaxed look and fit. Simple, minimal comfort that you can take anywhere. Premium golf shirts.

Traditional is our take on the classic golf collar. A single piece of fabric makes up the placket and collar for minimal seams and fuss. Premium golf shirts.


It’s such an easy process to design your own completely unique garment.

1. Choose

Decide which golf shirt or golf accessory you wish to buy. Shirt, hat, snood … your choice.

2. Design

Design it however you like using our online shirt (or accessory) designer.

3. Make

Once we have your unique design it’s over to our super-talented tailors.

4. Enjoy

Done and dusted. You’re wearing it. Your custom, hand tailored, UK made golf shirt.


See them for real

We get it… because our bespoke golf clothing is made to order, you might hesitate to buy one without seeing it first, right? Well, what you can see are bespoke golf shirts that we’ve already made for others.

( PS. We can’t promise there will be a shirt exactly how you want it, there are just so many options!).

For all men

The biggest advantage of our custom golf shirts for men? The fit. You get to decide all of the factors that make it fit you


Shirt untucks when you pick your ball out of the hole? Add length in increments of 1″ (up to +4″).


Shirts tend to fit your chest but hang too low? Reduce length in increments of 1″ (up to -4″).


Bored of the blue and the black? Yeh, we feel like that sometimes too. Design you own shirt and choose any colour you like.


Biodegradable, planet-friendly and look amazing. Black, Brown, Grey and Natural colours. 


We make every effort to make products that have the smallest impact possible. It’s not easy but with your help we can make them as efficient as possible.


Everything we use is Organic. Our shirts are made of Organic Cotton, as are our hoodies and accessories. No polester, nylon or any synthetic.

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Extending the life of the clothes we wear makes a huge difference. All of our garments are eligible to be returned to us for repair. 

More on Repairs


If your shirt is definitely done and dusted, give us a shout. We can almost definitely turn it into something else. There is life in the old dog yet!

More on Upcycling


Our fabric, buttons and packaging are biodegradable. Our packaging is also made of recycled stock, recyclable and vegan.

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Sum of its parts

Organic cotton is the mainstay of our golf shirts (and accessories). With a bit of added stretch they feel second to none. Light, natural and breathable.

Even the buttons biodegrade. 

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Keeping warm, tidy and organised in style is easy now. Everything can be customised of course – hey, it’s just what we do. 

Nobody likes cold draughts. Stop them in the kick-ass style you deserve. Custom snoods for the win!


We humans don’t operate properly with a cold brain. Problem solved, make your hat your way.

Golf towels have never been so cool. Design yours … maybe in your club colours?

For that pocket in your golf bag that’s just full of … erm, stuff. Here’s the solution to your woes.


Our garments all undergo the same four major steps from start to finish.

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The first step is to cut all of the pieces for your garment – for example, Low Profile shirts have 14 pieces.


Pieces for branding (neck, sleeve, front and back) are marked and sent to the hot press for branding.


Once branded, the pieces are move to where the real magic happens. Morphing from 2D to 3D!


The garment is made. It’s ready to be sent, packaged in our vegan, compostable, reusable packaging.

Built to last

All of our customised golf shirts and accessories are built for sport. But they’re so much more than that, they’re also great for a night out, lounging at home or a day in the office.

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for Work

As good in the office as they are on the course. Customise them to fit your office dress code and you can wear them everyday.

for Play

They’re so smart and comfortable they play as nice off the course as they do on. Down the pub or out for a meal, they just fit in.


Tailored shirts from organic cotton (meets Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®). Built to last. Built for comfort. Made with love.


Yup, that’s right. We repair our shirts too. Rips, frays… whatever. Send it in and we’ll make it work again!

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Made By

We manufacture all of our shirts and accessories in the UK. 

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UK Made

We don’t send our work overseas. We do it all here in our UK factory and always will. 

Hand Made

Everything we make is built by hand, to order. It’s why they fit so beautifully and will never change.


We pay and treat our staff well. As a result, they love making our shirts and accessories. Win win.


Our customers are the biggest part of our business. We love them all.


Maybe you’re looking for a golfing present or fancy something new for yourself? 

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