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Junior custom golf shirts and accessories for ages 5 to 14. The same tailoring and organic cotton as our adult shirts. You design them. We make them.

Low Profile is a modern, relaxed look and fit. Simple, minimal comfort that you can take anywhere.

No fuss

The biggest advantage of our custom golf shirts for kids? The fit. You get to decide all of the factors that make it fit you


They’ve grown up but not out? Chest size and length are separate. Add length in increments of 1″ (up to +4″).


Relaxed collar and loose comfortable fabric. Let them be themselves and just enjoy themselves.


It’s amazing to see what they create. With 15 solid colours and 4 prints … 7.2 billion possibilities.


Junior shirts start at £28. With all the same options that’s a whole lot of shirt to the pound. 


See them for real

We get it… because our bespoke golf clothing is made to order, you might hesitate to buy one without seeing it first, right? Well, what you can see are bespoke golf shirts that we’ve already made for others.

( PS. We can’t promise there will be a shirt exactly how you want it, there are just so many options!).

Built to last

All of our customised golf shirts and accessories are built for sport. But they’re so much more than that, they’re also great for a night out, lounging at home or a day in the office.

for Work

As good in the office as they are on the course. Customise them to fit your office dress code and you can wear them everyday.


Tailored shirts from organic cotton (meets Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®). Built to last. Built for comfort. Made with love.


Make it yours by designing it that way and you’ll never meet anyone on the course with the exact same kit. You design them. We make them.

for Play

They’re so smart and comfortable they play as nice off the course as they do on. Down the pub or out for a meal, they just fit in.

Season 21

We design it

We love designing shirts too, so a few times a season we create a new one, give it a name and offer it ‘off the peg’. 

Just choose your size and buy it or use it as a starting point for your own creation. 

Just an idea

Available in


All the gear

All the gear… We all know the phrase but in this case, it’s the best idea you ever had.

Match our bespoke golf accessories with your shirt, shoes or just make them in your favourite colours. 

Custom HATS
No MOre brain freeze

We humans don’t operate properly with a cold brain. Problem solved, make your hat your way.

Custom Towels
Clean clubs in style

Golf towels have never been so cool. Design yours … maybe in your club colours?

Bye-bye Cold draughts

Nobody likes cold draughts. Stop them in the kick-ass style you deserve. Custom snoods for the win!

An example of a go low custom golf bag
Custom BAGS
Tidy bag. Tidy golf

For that pocket in your golf bag that’s just full of … erm, stuff. Here’s the solution to your woes.

Made By

We manufacture all of our shirts and accessories in the UK. 

More on Making

UK Made

We don’t send our work overseas. We do it all here in our UK factory and always will. 

Hand Made

Everything we make is built by hand, to order. It’s why they fit so beautifully and will never change.


We pay and treat our staff well. As a result, they love making our shirts and accessories. Win win.


Our customers are the biggest part of our business. We love them all.


Maybe you’re looking for a golfing present or fancy something new for yourself? 

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All of the same fun, just smaller. Our juniors custom golf shirt & accessories shop for age 3+.

Custom Hats, Snoods, Towels & Bags. Made from the same beautiful fabrics. Great golf gifts!

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