Biodegradable Buttons

Yup, that's right. Plant-based, UK made, traditional style, biodegradable buttons.

If you’re going to go to the effort of using organic fabric and vegan packaging there’s not much point if your fixings hang around for a thousand years.

So, when we started making our shirts we knew that regular nylon buttons were not going to make the cut, so we started to investigate what other options were available – which were limited.

Then we found Courtney & Co. … who are amazing.

They are based in Bourton-on-the-Water, UK and produce a huge selection of traditional english button styles from biodegradable materials and using natural dyes. Blending history with the contemporary they were a perfect fit for our ‘Traditional‘ shirts which, we feel, are from that same mould.

The buttons we use are made from Corozo which is a the nut from the Tagua Palm tree. They are farmed in Equador and the tress can provide nuts for a century or more. Although they travel a huge distance to reach these shores, the industry provides employment and helps to preserve rainforests. You can read more about Corozo on Courtney & Co.’s website.