The Go Low Logo

Yes, we know, that rolls off the tongue really well! Anyway here's how our logo came about.

During the very early stages of Go Low, we went through numerous iterations of a logo. Curvy… Blocky… Bold… Delicate… We tried the lot. Originally we were even going to be called something else – Go Lo or Golo. In the end we opted for something simpler. Plain english, commonly used and every golfers intention … Go Low ™

Logo Version #1

The first real contender was curvy and relatively intricate. We loved the colour palettes and for a while we were sold on it. A number of issues arose the main one being a classic problem in logo design “How do we replicate this on everything from social media icons, business cards and the products themselves?” … Simple answer, we couldn’t. So it feel by the wayside.

Logo Version #2

The next design that caused serious consideration was a big leap to what is now the Go Low ™ logo. The intention was still to remain as Go Lo but the team loved the blockiness of this version and very much appreciated the symetry (the L is simply a 90º rotation of the G). It too ran into some problems however when it came to combining the two letters. It formed a (bit too) abrupt sine-wave style shape. It was good but not good enough. It did however introduce our typeface for the first time.

Logo Version #3 … and final!

So, we moved on. We were getting closer but we’d still not quite cracked it. The first was gorgeous. Curvaceous and great overlaying colour. The second was too harsh and blunt.

The solution. Combine their best bits. We took the block G and L and smoothed them off. Introduced a slight overlap and two-tone red and it took off. Logo design is a beautiful thing and unbelievably exciting when it starts to work. Immediately we could see our brand. Bingo!

That in turn led us to construct a condensed version for applications where vertical space is at a premium and wherever we need the text element to be displayed.

and that’s it. Our branding complete. An enjoyable design journey that resulted in what we think is a beautifully sophisticated but simple and eye-catching logo to carry our products into people’s lives.

You’ve made it this far… why not Go Low today?