Go sustainable

Hi, we’re Go Low. We make sustainable golf clothing.
Organic cotton, made in the UK, plastic-free packaging and, as every body is different we make each garment to order so there’s zero waste. Plus, we offer repairs and upcycling!

What do we do? Well, to put it simply, we make the best custom golf clothing there is. It’s fitted to you, built to your spec and made from organic material, in the UK.

Bespoke golf kit

It’s what makes our shirts unique. Start with a blank and design your shirt, hoodie or accessory.

Colours, branding, fasteners… everything.

Hand Tailoring

All of our shirts are constructed, by hand and to order, by our experienced tailors in the UK. 

No stitch goes unchecked – if it’s not up to scratch it doesn’t go out.

Organic golf shirts

Organic cotton with a bit of added stretch they feel second to none. Light, natural, breathable and astoundingly comfortable. Even the buttons biodegrade. 

Made to fit you

We get fitted for clubs. Why not get fitted for our clothes too? Unisex sizing as well body and sleeve length options. Our shirts fit everyone perfectly. 

Your shirt. Your size.

What are you waiting for?

Why not just go for it now?

It’s so simple to completely customise any of our products. You can design it online right now, however you want. It’s fun…

Need some ideas?


We get it… because our bespoke golf clothing is made to order, and there are some many options, it can be hard to decide? No worries… here’s a few of the shirts we’ve made for other legends of the game.

discounted products

Flash Sale!

We make a lot of products for photoshoots and for promotional images. We hate to see them go to waste so every now and then we have a little flash sale. These are all one-off items … you snooze you lose!

NEW Product!


Same beautiful loop backed organic cotton we use for our hoodies just without the hood and, as with all of our products, you can customise them however you like.

Image of grey mint jumper

We are proud to be a Cornish company. Therefore it was natural for us to launch a series of accessories in Cornish tartan. 

Bags, Towels and Snoods are currently only available exclusively via Chris Gill Golf

Image of tartan golf bags ball bag tartan with


Golf for all.

We believe golf is unique in that it can be played by everyone on an equal footing. We make golf shirts and accessories that work for men, women and kids alike. Nobody is left out.

Image of heath in sage and signature low profile shirt